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Transcoding up to 1080p /w Video Delivery



Transcode your content into HLS and other formats plus deliver it.


Video transcode is the process of taking high bitrate and high resolution source video and producing lower resolution versions that can be played on weaker devices and networks. Sending an original, high quality video meant for a 47 inch TV that is 3GB in size to a mobile phone will not only drain the phones data plan, it will also have a needlessly large resolution that will not be noticed on the small device screen. Thus we transcode the video to a lower resolution and bitrate without sacrificing viewing quality on the smaller viewport device.

Video delivery network (VDN)

A video delivery network provides video media delivery such as HLS video to consumers. It can often be used interchangeably with the term CDN. A key difference being a VDN is optimized for things like Accept-Bytes to seek in a video file while a CDN might not have similar functionality.

GPUX provides its own VDN layer with free Egress!

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming allows resolutions to change on the fly to automatically find the best possible bitrate for the consuming device. Using technology like DASH or the far more supported HLS.

GPUX fully supports HLS.


Use GPUX to transcode your high quality source video into adaptive bitrate HLS content. Then deliver the content with no EGRESS charges to your viewers using the GPUX Video Delivery Network.

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